Hi I'm esther

I started my career at a young age when I used to follow my mom to her nail salon and was exposed to the beauty world.

I slowly started following her footsteps and got licensed as an Esthetician in New York, and ultimately ended up getting my permanent makeup license.

I wasn’t really satisfied with my trainings, and shortly after moving to New Jersey, I decided to open up my studio in Edgewater. There were some doubts, but with the power of positive thinking, I decided to take the leap of faith!

Since then I am continuing to take more courses although I am an instructor for the AAM (American Academy of Micropigmentation), and a Trainer Member for the SPCP because I believe that advancing your techniques is so important to grow your career.

I have taken more than 15+ courses and want to give my students as well as clients the best experience and all the knowledge I have to give.I know starting something can be very scary as well as nerve wrecking, but I will be here to answer all you questions and guide you throughout your career!

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2009: Graduated from Christine Valmy International School of Beauty, New York, NY
2010: Obtained New York State Esthetician license, New York, NY
2014: Certified from the Korean Cosmetic Association, New York, NY
2017: Certified from ISPMU for Microblading, New York, NY
2018: Certificate of Completion with Phi Academy for Phi Contour, Costa Mesa, CA
2018: Certified from Jessi Academy, New York, NY
2019: Certified from Phi Academy as an Artist, New York, NY
2019: Certified Fellows of the AAM: American Academy of Micropigmentation, New Jersey
2019: Certified with Advance Microblading with Katie Dang, New York, NY
2019: Certified with Elleebana Lash Lift, New York, NY
2019: Featured on Hoboken Girl, Hoboken, NJ
2020: Platinum Certified Instructor for the AAM, Edgewater, NJ
2020: Certified with Li-FT for Saline Removal
2020: Certified with GirlzInk for Color Theory
2021: Certified with Advanced PMU for Scalp Micropigmentation, New York, NY
2021: Certified with Brow Daddy, New York, NY
2021: Instructed 25+ students and introduced AAM Gold to Korea for the first time in Busan, South Korea
2021: Instructed 10+ students for AAM Gold Membership in Seoul, South Korea
2022: Group Coaching for AAM regarding Infectious Control
2023: Instructed 10+ students for AAM Gold Membership in Gangneung, South Korea